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A piece of heaven on earth

The Hotel Berghang in the Star Village of Collepietra

Take an astronomical holiday in Europe's first star village and explore the sun and star observatory, the solar observatory and the planet trail.

Just reach for the stars – that works! But where? At the Hotel Berghang in Collepietra/Steinegg. The village in the Val d’Ega belongs to the municipality of Cornedo all’Isarco/Karneid, Europe's First Star Village: the universe, the starry sky, the sunny side of earth and somehow of life too… all things that you can experience up close at the Planetarium, the Astronomical Observatory and the Solar Observatory! And on the Planetary Trail you can even touch the stars. The Star Village around Collepietra/Steinegg brings the sky down to earth! And a little of it also creeps into the rooms of the Hotel Berghang: in fact, when you look at the interiors, you can recognize heavenly elements such as the view of the starry sky from the skylight. For galactic dreams!

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